Scam Watch

Scam Watch

We care for your hard-earned money and want you to be safe.

With a proliferation of online love scams, phishing scams as well as lottery and lucky draw scams recently, it is important that you stay guarded and ensure communications are legitimate and genuine before handing any money over. Practise this rule of thumb: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Avoid responding to requests for account verification that require you to key in personal and sensitive information, and refrain from clicking links attached to e-mails. Be vigilant, and check that the e-mails you received are not fraudulent by paying close attention to the spelling and grammar used.

We have always striven to safeguard our customers’ money. To do this, we work closely with enforcement agencies to prevent any potential loss of funds through scams or hoaxes. Here are some instances of how we keep you secure.

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