Remittance company foils second scam in a week

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Remittance company foils second scam in a week

SINGAPORE: An 80-year-old woman was nearly cheated of S$180,000 in a “parcel scam”, but the con was foiled by three quick-thinking staff of a remittance company.

The three staff of Hanshan Money Express Remittance – Mr Li Shu, Ms Han Guiyuan and managing director Thng Koon Eng – were commended at a ceremony held at Central Police Division on Thursday (Jul 7) for their public-spiritedness.

On Jun 17, the elderly victim received a phone call claiming that she had an illegal parcel overseas. The call was then transferred to another person claiming to be a police officer.

The victim was threatened with imprisonment if she did not cooperate, and was told to call back at designated timings.

During one such call, the victim was told to meet a female suspect. On Jun 24, the victim met the suspect, who escorted her to make withdrawals from the bank before proceeding to Hanshan Money Express to remit the money to an overseas account.

At the remittance company, staff attending to the victim suspected something was amiss and began to probe on the purpose of the remittance. The victim was unable to provide a good reason and upon leaving the premises, staff immediately alerted the police.

After investigations, officers from the Central Division and Commercial Affairs Department established the identity of the suspect with the assistance of the remittance company. The 65-year-old female suspect is currently assisting with investigations, the police said.

The money was fully recovered and has since been returned to the victim, the police added.
– CNA/cy

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